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Cathaemasia sp. (Metacercaria Metacercaria) Back


Platyhelminthes »
       TREMATODA »
              Digenea »
                     Cathaemasiidae (Fuhrmann, 1928) Baer, 1932 »
                            Cathaemasia Looss, 1899 »
                                    Cathaemasia sp., Metacercaria


Euphlyctis (cyanophlyctis)


Thigh muscle


Kohima (Nagaland)


6 encysted metacercariae of Cathaemasis sp. were collected from 2 of the 60 hosts examined during the study period, infection rate being 2 and 4 in the infected hosts.

Body 1.64 X 0.76 mm


On account of the distinct morphological features i.e., the elongated body having a distinct sub-terminal oral sucker and ventral sucker larger than the oral; long intestinal caeca without lateral diverticula; testes rudiments arranged in tandem, post-acetabular; ovary anterior to testis, near ventral sucker; genital pore median, placed immediately anterior to the ventral sucker, and the presence of the cirrus sac, the present specimens are considered the metacercarial stage representing the genus Cathaemasia, the adults of which are known to be parasites of birds. E. cyanophlyctis thus