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Fischoederius elongatus (Stiles et Goldberger Stiles et Goldberger) Poirier 1883 Back


Platyhelminthes »
       TREMATODA »
              Digenea »
                     Gastrothylacidae Stiles et Goldberger, 1910 »
                            Gastrothylacinae Stiles et Goldberger, 1910 »
                                   Fischoederius Stiles et Goldberger, 1910 »
                                           Fischoederius elongatus (Poirier 1883), Stiles et Goldberger 1910


Bos (indicus), Bubalus (bubalis), Capra (hircus), Ovis (aries)




Guwahati (Assam), Silchar (Assam), Karimganj (Assam), Tezpur (Assam), Shillong (Meghalaya), Jowai (Meghalaya), Nongstoin (Meghalaya), Tura (Meghalaya), Aizawl (Mizoram), Kohima (Nagaland), Agartala (Tripura)


Body elongated, 6.82-20.83 mm in length, 3.34-6.01 mm in width; ratio of body width to body length 1:2.04-1:3.74 mm. Ventral pouch present, opening anteriorly ventral to pharynx, extending posteriorly to region of ovary or beyond posterior testis. Acetabulum terminal, 1.49-2.16 mm in external diameter; in ratio to length of body 1:2.04-1:3.14; of grastrothylax type (sensu Näsmark, 1937) in median sagittal section; units of dorsal and ventral circular muscles in lateral sides as follows: d.e.c.m. 48-58, d.i.c.m. 32-40, v.e.c.m. 46-52, v.i.c.m. 34-38. Pharynx 0.36-0.76 mm in length, 0.36-0.63 mm in breadth; ration to body length 1:18.94-1:27.40, to diameter of acetabulum 1:4.57-1:10.25; of calicophoron type (sensu Dinnik, 1964) in median sagittal section. Oesophagus 0.45-1.08 mm long. Caeca in lateral fields, running parallel to each other, wavy, terminating before middle of body. Testes lobed, tandem; anterior testis 1.35-1.80 mm in length, 1.44-2.26 mm wide, posterior testis 0.99-1.94 mm in length, 1.26-1.89 mm in width. Seminal vesicle and pars musculosa coiled, pars prostatica more or less straight. Ovary 0.27-0.36 mm by 0.36-0.45 mm, inter-testicular. Vitellaria small, in lateral fields, extending from level of oesophageal bifurcation to ovary. Eggs 0.113-0.144 mm by 0.058-0.081 mm. Terminal genitalium lying ventrally inside ventral pouch at level posterior to pharynx, of elongatus type (sensu Sey, 1983) in median sagittal section.


F. elongatus has also been reported in Uttar Pradesh (Tandon, 1960), Meghalaya (Soota and Ghosh, 1977), Andhra Pradesh (Hafeez and Rao, 1980)and Himachal Pradesh (Tandon and Sharma 1981).

With minor deviation in the number of acetabular circular muscle units, the present observations tally with those of other Indian workers as well as of Näsmark (1937).

Helminthological collections record

NEHU/Z - TM/23

Specimen Type

Holotype: W7789/1 in Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata.


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