North-East India Helminth Parasite Information Database

Icosiella sp. II Back


Nematoda »
              Onchocercidae (Leiper, 1911) Anderson et Bain, 1976 »
                     Icosiellinae Anderson, 1958 »
                            Icosiella Seurat, 1917 »
                                    Icosiella sp. II


Amolops (marmoratus (A. afghanus))


Peritoneal wall


Mokokchung (Nagaland)


Body filiform, cuticle thin transparent, lateral flanges absent. Mouth surrounded by 4 rounded papillae. Oesophagus remarkably long, clearly divided into short anterior muscular and long posterior glandular region.


Body 16.5 X 0.5 mm. Spicule sub-equal, moderate length. Tail short, tapering to bluntly pointed end, caudal alae absent, papillae present, 1 ventrally located near cloacal opening pre-cloacal papilla, 6 post-cloacal papillae elevated in clear vesicle, located ventro-laterally, 1 singly positioned papilla near tip of tail. Posterior region having numerous small tubercles on ventral side that extend up to middle third of posterior end.


Body 18.4-28.2 X 0.98 mm. Ovaries 2, tubular, entangled. Uterus running short distance anteriorly from posterior side, opening into ovejector. Vulva in anterior part of posterior half of glandular oesophagus. Ovoviviparous, larvae scattered in most parts of pseudocoelom. Eggs oval, tail short, and blunt/rounded.


The present form is assigned to the genus Icosiella on account of the following features; body filiform, cuticle thin, transparent, lateral flanges absent, long oesophagus, comprising a short anterior muscular region and a long glandular region in posterior side, vulva opening in glandular region of oesophagus.

For want of more specimens, the species identification is being kept in abeyance.