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Olveria bosi (Tandon Tandon) Back


Platyhelminthes »
       TREMATODA »
              Digenea »
                     Paramphistomidae Fischoeder, 1901 »
                            Cladorchiinae Lühe, 1909 »
                                   Olveria Thapar et Sinha, 1945 »
                                           Olveria bosi, Tandon 1951


Bos (indicus)




Guwahati (Assam), Shillong (Meghalaya), Dharmanagar (Tripura)


Body conical, flattened, 6.87-8.85 mm in length, 2.62-7.07 mm in width; ratio of body width to body length 1:2.62-1:2.88. Acetabulum 1.26-1.44 mm in diameter, ratio to body length 1:5.45-1:6.27. Pharynx with rounded pouches, 0.18-0.22 mm in length, 0.27-0.36 mm in width; ratio to body length 1:35.95-1:40.22, to diameter of acetabulum 1:5.72-1:6.50. Oesophagus 'J'-shaped, 1.98-2.26 mm in length, consisting of muscular anterior, non-muscular posterior part; ratio to body length 1:3.46-1:3.91. Caeca long, coiled, making three loops in each lateral side, terminating in front of acetabulum. Testes obliquely tandem; anterior testis 0.58-0.76 mm in length, 0.36-0.45 mm in width; posterior testis 0.31-0.63 mm in length, 0.27-0.49 mm in width. Vesicula seminalis coiled; pars musculosa elongated, pars prostatica small. Ovary 0.22-0.36 mm by 0.22-0.40 mm. Vitellaria in lateral fields, extending from level of oesophageal bifurcation to anterior level of acetabulum. Genital pore provided with genital sucker.


This species was originally described from Bos bubalis in Lucknow, U.P (Tandon, 1951). This is the first report of the species from North-East India, and Bubalus bubalis and Bos indicus form new host records for it.

Helminthological collections record

NEHU/Z - TM/21


Tandon, R. S. (1951). On a new amphistome, Olveria bosi n.sp. from the rumen of buffalo, Bos bubalis, from Lucknow. Indian Journal of Helminthology . 3:pp 93-100.