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Nematoda »
               Ascarididae Barid, 1853 »
                     Angusticaecinae (Skrjabin et Karokhin, 1945) »
                            Ophidascaris Baylis, 1920 »
                                    Ophidascaris sp.


Amolops (marmoratus (A. afghanus))




Mokokchung (Nagaland)


Long, large stout worm, with fine transverse striations on cuticle. Cervical alae prominent, lateral alae absent. Mouth surrounded by  small lips; interlabia elevated by 3 pairs of cartilaginous rod-like extensions from base lips. Deep transverse groove running round base of lips, oesophagus elongated, cylindrical, entirely muscular with slightly dilated posterior region; oesophageal bulb absent. 5 pairs of papillae in anterior region, covering entire length of oesophagus. Intestinal caecum absent.


Body 43.74 x 0.32 mm in size. Spicules 2, sub-equal, of moderate length. Tail tapering to bluntly pointed end; caudal alae absent. Fairly numerous sessile pre-and post-cloacal papillae present; of post-cloacal papillae 5 pairs ventro-lateral, 2 lateral, a single papilla near tip of tail, 1 pair in line of cloacal opening; pre-cloacal papillae 2 pairs ventro-lateral, a single large papilla near cloacal opening; anterior most papillae positioned ventrally.


Body 39.88-65.18  X 0.35-0.72 mm. Ovaries 2, short. Vulva in posterior half of body; vagina running anteriorly for short distance, branching into 2 uterine branches (amphidelphic). Eggs few, moderately large, 0.066-0.08 X 0.036-0.043 mm; ovoviviparous condition. Tail blunt with sharp point.


The present form is assigned to the genus Ophidascaris in having the following characteristic features- interlabia present, oesophagus without posterior bulb or ventriculus; male with fair number of papillae; spicule, gubernaculum absent. Members of the genus Ophidascaris are mainly parasites of snakes and lizards, occasionally of amphibians. Two species, namely O.gastri(Parona, 1890) and O. ajaris Khera,1956 have been reported from reptiles in India. Only O. labiatopapilosa Walton,1927 has been recorded to be naturally occurring in Rana species in the USA (Ash and Beaver, 1963).

For want of more specimens for study and also pending comparison with the hitherto known species of genus, the species identification of the present form been kept in abeyance.

Helminthological collections record

NEHU/Z - NA/10


Parona, C. (1890). L'elmintologia italiana da'suoi primi tempi all' anno 1890. Atti. R. Univ . Genova.13,pp 733.Abstracts in Ctbl .Bakt .I. Abt. Orig. 17(7-8):pp  263-264.

Ash ,L. R. and Beaver, P. C. (1963). Redescription of Ophidascaris labiatopapillosa Walton, 1927, an ascarid parasite of North American snakes. Journal of Parasitology. 49:pp 765-770.